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What is criticquote-button-smaller_orangeal illness insurance?

Critical illness insurance (also known as critical illness cover) is a type of insurance, which usually provides a tax free, one off lump sum payment should you be diagnosed with a critical illness.

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Benefits and Features include:

  • It’s easy & quick.
  • We handle it all over the phone and there are no complicated forms to fill in.
  • Cover starts at just £5 per month

Why get critical illness cover?

For many people, critical illness is usually something that happens to someone else. After all, if you’re fit and healthy why would you even imagine that it could actually be you?

However, while you may make some small financial savings in the short-term by not having cover, should something happen you may find it harder to cope with the financial burdens from not being able to work.

Critical illnesses are actually more common that you would think and we all know that life itself can be very unpredictable.  Therefore, if you were suddenly faced with a critical illness yourself or even a loved one, how would you cope financially?